Cyber Innovative Technologies is a pioneer in cyber risk. Our risk engine uses a digital asset approach that provides business-oriented use cases coupled with a cyber risk management platform. Our solution offers a graphical user defined cyber risk engine that uses a digital asset approach to measure cyber risk exposures and scores, and cyber risk management platform to collaborate and manage cyber risk. We support Fortune 2000 companies, government agencies, financial services, insurance companies, telco and M&A firms. Any industry can benefit from our solution.

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Graphical User Defined Cyber Risk Engine using a digital asset approach:

Digital assets are systems, processes, data or technologies that have parent child relationships with one another.

Our solution quantifies and scores cyber risk exposures using a digital asset approach which aligns to how cyber insurance claims requirements.

Cyber Risk Management Platform

The risk management platform is an integrated set of dashboards, reports and workflows that provides role-based data to Boards, CISOs, DPOs, compliance managers, system owners, auditors, regulators and vendors.

Risk Model
Dashboard, Reports, Workflows

We provide a comprehensive suite of software solutions to address and solve your unique cyber concerns.

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Cyber Tools ROI

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