About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide organizations the inside view of their cyber risk in order to increase their cyber resiliency and lower their cyber exposures. We are a pioneer in cyber risk management that provides the most useful business management for cybersecurity risk.


Our solution is based upon three years of research with the Fortune 1000 and cyber insurance companies. Over 200 interviews were conducted in order to identify the gaps in company maturity and cyber risk, compared across 15 categories of company metrics. Our research shows that businesses will continue to have low cyber resiliencies until they understand cyber from a business perspective. This can only be done via cyber risk management that uses a digital asset approach. Cyber Innovative Technologies was founded in 2018 on this insight by Ariel Evans who has grown the company into a unique and competitive solution when it comes to cyber risk management.


Cyber Innovative Technologies is made up of leaders in cyber risk and enterprise risk management, handpicked from around the globe. Our team has worked with leaders in this space including JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Oppenheimer Funds, The Mc-Graw Hill Companies, and agencies including DHS, NSA and the IDF. Many team member hold PhDs, MBA’s, MSc’s in computer science, business and their respective fields and are authors and educators.

Ariel Evans
CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder Ariel Evans is a senior cybersecurity expert, serial entrepreneur, and author. Ariel is the CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies, and the founder of Cyber Intelligence 4U, an educational cybersecurity company. Ariel is the author of ‘Managing Cyber Risk’ published by Routledge Press in April of 2019. The book provides the basis to measure digital asset risk with use cases for measuring cyber resilience, cyber insurance needs, M&A risk quantification, resource and budgeting needs, using metrics that boards and directors can understand.

Ariel’s insight into regulation, governance and business connectivity technology allows her to provide expert guidance to the Department of Homeland Security, The Payment Card Industry & other governing bodies that are accountable for reducing risk and ensuring secure financial, medical and personal data.