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Our risk management solution is based upon 3 years of research with F1000 and cyber insurance industry to demystify cybersecurity and bridge the gap between the business and technology. We utilize a digital asset approach to quantify cyber risk exposures and score your cyber risk.

Our Unique Solution

Digital Asset Approach

85% of your business is a digital asset. A digital asset is a system, process, data or technology. This means that 85% of your business value is digital. We utilize a digital asset approach to quantify cyber exposures and score your cyber risk.

Cyber Risk Exposure

Our digital asset approach quantifies cyber risk and aligns to how cyber insurance companies pay claims – data exfiltration, business interruption and regulatory exposure.

Cyber Risk- Your Way

Our unique GUI cyber risk modeler allows you to create multiple risk models without any coding in the backend. Flexible, fast and powerful!

Integrate Data

We integrate with any cybersecurity tool, assessment framework, or external data (Advisen, etc.) for the most confidence in your risk data.

Business Process

Management Platform We provide each user (CISO, board, DPO, compliance manager, Auditor etc.) with rolebased dashboards, reports and workflows.

What Our Customers Say

CIT provides our clients with accurate cyber insurance quantification.

Adam Cottini, SVP Cyber Liability, AJG

CIT’s vendor risk management allows us to understand how we can reduce third-party risk to manageable levels.

CISO F1000 Financial Services Company

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